Incinerator & Coal Ash Projects

HIS Constructors, Inc. (HIS) has extensive in constructing and repairing coal ash and incinerator ash ponds throughout the Midwest. Projects have included work for both government agencies and utility companies.

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City of Indianapolis Project

HIS Constructors, Inc. (HIS) was contracted by the City of Indianapolis to close their ash mono-fill. The work included waste relocation, grading, geomembrane liner, installing a clay soil liner and constructing the leachate collection system. HIS relocated approximately 5,000 cubic yards of waste in preparation for the installation of 200,000 sft. of geomembrane liner covered by 13,000 cubic yards of clay soil cap. Also, HIS installed a leachate collection system which required the installation of dual HDPE pipe runs. After activities were completed constructing the cap, HIS then constructed a 800 lft. storm ditch to direct storm water away for the landfill area.

City of Indianapolis Project City of Indianapolis Project

Tibbs & Banta Project

HIS Constructors, Inc. (HIS) was contracted to perform a bank stabilization project next to an ash landfill. The project started with clearing and grubbing to make way for construction of a stone access road. Sheet piling was used for the installation of a temporary cofferdam. The project also involved the excavation and relocation of 5,500 cubic yards of landfill waste and soil. Reconstruction of the river bank involved the installation of 4,700 cubic yards of clay, 11,000 sq. yards of geotextile fabric, 4,461 sq. yards of geo-grid, 1,000 cubic yards of top soil and 31,000 tons of rip rap.

Tibbs & Banta Project