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HIS Constructors, Inc. has over 10 years of infrastructure experience ranging from new road construction to bridge repair. HIS Constructors, Inc. is prequalified with both the Indiana Department of Transportation and Ohio Department of Transportation.

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HIS Constructors, Inc. is a leader in providing environmental remediation, civil construction and industrial services.

Fairland Road Project

HIS Constructors, Inc. (HIS) was contracted to construct a new a 1.7 mile section of a new bypass road and bridge. HIS Constructors, Inc. placed over 76,000 cys. of borrow and treated 50,000 cys. of subgrade in building the base and subgrade for the new road. HIS also built the 400 lft. new bridge over a wetland and built a small concrete structure. HIS Constructors, Inc. was also responsible for maintaining all the erosion control items during the duration of this project. Paving and seeding were subcontracted out. HIS was responsible for all erosion control installation, maintenance and removal.

Fairland Road Project Fairland Road Project

Florida Flood Control Structures Project

HIS Constructors, Inc. (HIS) was subcontracted by URS to construct several flood control structures in Miami-Dade County for the US Army Corp of Engineers. Work consisted of excavation and forming for the cast-in place concrete structures. In addition, a 8’ x 8’ precast box culvert was installed. The site required extensive de-watering during construction.

Florida Flood Control Structures Florida Flood Control Structures

Ronald Reagan Expressway Project

HIS Constructors, Inc. (HIS) constructed the longest over-railroad, inland bridge in the US. This project took over 2 years to complete with over 50,000 man hours worked without a recordable safety incident. Construction was particularly tricky due to the railyards continued use during construction.

Ronald Reagan Expressway Project Ronald Reagan Expressway Project

Slide Correction Project

HIS Constructors, Inc. (HIS) was contracted to perform slide correction in two spots along SR 62 in Ripley County for the Indiana Department of Transportation. The work consisted of excavation, subgrade prep, storm pipe, slope restoration, permanent seeding and asphalt replacement. HIS excavated the slide area down to rock, roughly 20 ft. below grade, and installed about 2500 lft. of 6 inch underdrain pipe to direct water from underneath the road. HIS then installed approximately 15 inch lifts of stone enveloped in geotextile to create the subgrade and slope for the roadway. HIS then installed stone for the asphalt subgrade and repaved the entire road.

Slide Correction Project Slide Correction Project