Landfill Projects

HIS Constructors, Inc. has completed over 25 large landfill project projects in both the public and private markets. Clients have included waste management companies, steel industries and local municipalities. These projects have included the closure of hazardous waste landfills, new cell construction, and installation of landfill leachate systems.

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Paxton Landfill Project

HIS Constructors, Inc. (HIS) was contracted by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) to import and place structural fill and clay for the construction of a cap on the Paxton landfill. This landfill project was part of an emergency response action. The main concern was the stability of the 170 foot above grade fill. HIS Constructors, Inc. continuously pumped and disposed of leachate from the landfill while placing over 150,000 cubic yards of structural clay and fill.

Paxton Landfill Project Paxton Landfill Project

Utica Landfill Project

This project involved the stabilization of organic chemical and heavy metal contaminated soils, the installation of a soil-bentonite cut-off wall, the construction of a 5 foot thick cap, the installation of a groundwater extraction system, and the restoration of two wetland areas at the Liquid Disposal Inc. (LDI) Superfund site.

The project involved the excavation, solidification and placement of 25,000 cubic yards of organic chemical contaminated soils and debris around the perimeter of the 5-acre industrial landfill. The perimeter solidification in distinct areas required excavation in excess of thirty feet deep and solidified soils had to meet a minimum unconfined compressive strength of 500 pounds per square inch.

After the perimeter stabilization was complete, Heritage installed a soil-bentonite cutoff wall. HIS Constructors, Inc. utilized a rock trencher to pre-cut a 32-inch wide lead-in trench through the stabilized perimeter soils. The 1,800 linear foot long 35 feet deep soil-bentonite wall was subsequently installed using conventional excavation and backfill techniques. The site was then capped with clay soil in accordance with Michigan Act 64 Standards. The cap required approximately 70,000 cubic yards of imported backfill materials. Four acres of adjacent remediated wetlands were also reconstructed.

Utica Landfill Project

Tippecanoe Landfill Project

HIS Constructors, Inc. (HIS) was contracted as the remedial contractor on this 70 acre design/build Superfund Project. Heritage began the project by moving 250,000 cubic yards of common fill and waste to the appropriate grade lines. Heritage then placed 250,000 cubic yards of select clay as a cap and 49,000 cubic yards of topsoil. In addition to the construction of the landfill cover, HIS built a 50,000 cubic yard levee system around the perimeter of the site for flood control and access roads. The scope of work also included a leachate collection system with 19 vertical extraction wells and an active gas venting system with 49 vents.

Tippecanoe Landfill Project

Yeoman Creek Landfill Project

HIS Constructors, Inc. (HIS) was contracted to complete the construction of the Yeoman, Edwards, and Rubloff landfills, which made up the Yeoman Creek Superfund site. This area totaled roughly 60 acres and consisted of four hazardous waste landfills. The project consisted of waste relocation to within the landfill boundaries, installation of a leachate/gas collection system, geomembrane/geotextile liner placement, and installation of a soil liner cap system. Yeoman creek ran through the middle of this Superfund site and was diverted using earthen dams. One the creek was diverted, contaminated sediments were removed and then a liner was placed in the bottom of the existing creek bed. The creek was restored once all contaminated sediments were removed.

HIS relocated over 66,000 cubic yards of waste material. HIS then installed the underground leachate/gas collection system which consisted of 12 HDPE sumps and roughly 10,000 lft. of HDPE pipe. HIS also placed 22,000 cubic yards of shredded tires chips across the waste subgrade as part of the gas collection system. The geomembrane liner system consisted of 1,750,000.00 sft. of 60 mil membrane, 6 oz. geotextile, and a drainage layer geotextile that was placed over approximately 25,000 cubic yards of clay liner material. Then HIS placed approximately 165,000 cubic yards of vegetative cover and topsoil in preparation for final seeding.

Yeoman Creek Landfill Project Yeoman Creek Landfill Project