Site Development Projects

HIS Constructors, Inc. has completed numerous site development projects including commercial/retail sites, housing developments, universities and governmental agencies around the Midwest and Southeastern US. Typical services include: site sewer and water utilities, storm sewer, mass excavation, fine grading, and shoring and sheet piling.

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Lucas Oil Project

HIS Constructors, Inc. (HIS) was selected as the site contractor for the construction of Lucas Oil Stadium. This project included the mass excavation, stockpiling and subsequent removal of 565,000 cyds. soil for the new stadium footprint. HIS Constructors, Inc. subsequently backfilled of 200,000 cyds. of stockpiled soil. In addition, 125,000 syds. of asphalt and concrete were removed and disposed of.

Lucas Oil Project Lucas Oil Project

Eli Lilly Project

HIS Constructors, Inc. (HIS) was subcontracted to perform the excavation and backfill for the new Eli Lilly lab building as well as site utility installation. With a tight project site and schedule, HIS was been applauded by the Owner and General Contractor for our outstanding safety practices/record on-site.

Eli Lilly Project Eli Lilly Project

Emmett Bean Center Project

HIS Constructors, Inc. (HIS) was contracted to perform the site development for a major parking lot expansion at Major General Emmett Bean Finance Center. The project’s major tasks included: the removal of the existing parking lot, removal of 4,350 lft. of existing storm sewer, 120,000 sys of fine grading, and the installation of 14,820 lft. of 4” HDPE.

Emmett Bean Center Project Emmett Bean Center Project

Florida Target Store Project

HIS Constructors, Inc. (HIS) was contracted to perform the site development for a retail project in Titusville, FL. The site plan consisted of a Super Target and several other smaller stores. HIS Constructors, Inc, completed all of the site excavation and utilities. This included the installation of 3,800 lft. of waterline, 5,000 lft. of sewer line, and lift stations. In addition, the project included the fine grading for building pads, construction of a retaining wall, and removal of limestone for basement construction.

Florida Target Store Project